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January 27th, 2024
Scribes of the Wild:Nature Journaling Workshop

On January 27th, NOS Members Noah Doyle and Kaneisha Smith met with participants at the Northeastern Nevada Museum for a fun-filled workshop all about Nature Journaling! To get started, Noah discussed the practice of mindfulness. Everyone took a nature walk outside and played I Spy to help center and ground themselves. It got the students thinking about their surroundings and really paying attention to things near and far. Once the group returned inside, a Quickstart Guide to Nature Journaling booklet was passed out. Together, they discussed what nature journaling is, and different ways to journal about experiences in nature. Once they finished going through the booklet together, students received a small journal of their own that they were able to decorate and take home! During the workshop, students got to practice nature journaling skills, examining different items, randomly pulled from a tote full of objects, ranging from pinecones to small, plastic animals. With their item, they zoomed in to see all of the little details that they may have otherwise missed. They documented the size, colors, and names of their objects in their journals. Although most of the students had to leave early, one student stayed for the entire workshop and spent the last hour walking around and journaling about different exhibits in the Wildlife Wing of the Museum. Overall, the event was successful! The participants had fun, and left with a newfound joy for nature journaling.

Photo: Participant deep in thought while journaling.  


January 27th, 2024
Hunter Safety Education 

On the morning of January 27th, NOS held their largest hunter education course yet! With 21 students and 13 parents in attendance, the class was full of amazing conversations and excitement. Students were taught many different skills and concepts  including; safe gun handling practices, Nevada hunting laws, wildlife conservation, hunting ethics and much more! These hunter education courses are made possible by partnering with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and we look forward to bringing more of these courses to our community!

Photo: Participants and parents listening to NOS staff member do introductions. 



January 26th, 2024
Young Naturalist Club: Science in Nature

On January 26th, students met NOS members Kaneisha Smith and Noah Doyle at Angel Park for a fun lesson on Botany! Last week’s nature club covered three different topics of science, and this lesson was a deep dive into the study of plants. For the k-2 group, a student read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to students, and got to take home a fun activity packet. After the story, students played a fun hide and seek tagging game where one student was the giant, chasing and trying to ‘catch’ all of the Jacks that were running around his castle! The weather was quite frigid, so the kids got to go play with nature and on the playground equipment to keep them warm and moving! During the lesson for the 3-5 graders, the lesson focused on parts of a plant, and even worked on learning how to identify plants! After a short worksheet, NOS members took the students over to the playground to play a fun seeking game where each kid got a picture of a plant to hide. When they were finished hiding it, they came back to grab an informational card describing a plant and they had to match the information card to one of the hidden plant pictures! This game was a big hit as the students wanted to keep playing more rounds right up until time was up for the lesson! Next week, students will meet back at Angel Park for a lesson on Sound!



January 19th, 2024
Young Naturalist Club: Science in Nature

How exciting it is to be able to be doing our second Young Naturalist Club here Nevada Outdoor School. For this club session, we are doing introductory to Science in Nature. I would like to say that it has been a joy to do all this research for this lesson gathering all the materials and to see it all come together week after week. There are three different types of science we will be exploring; the lessons are geared around Botany, Sound, Kinetic and Potential Energy. As we go through each week we will explore each specific topic in its entirety. For our first week of Young Naturalist we went over  all the topics, for botany we took a closer look at different types of plants and how they function and what purpose they serve to us and our nature. For a fun activity we planted a bean and talked about “How To Grow a Plant”. The kids were super excited to plant their very own bean plant and to take home a Botany book to document the growth process of their plant. We then moved on to sound where the kids made their own cup phones and then to finish we walked up the hill and they rolled down the hill to see what kinetic and potential energy is.

Photo: Participants learning about energy while rolling down a hill. 



January 18th, 19th and 20th, 2024
Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience at the Reno Sheep Show

On January 18th- 20th Nevada Outdoor School member Noah Clymens and programs coordinator Maclyn Crnkovich  went to Reno, Nevada to attend the sheep show 2024. They took the wheel of ethics and quizzed participants on outdoor trivia. While there they interacted with about 650 people over the course of the weekend. They were able to reach a lot of children and quiz them about their outdoor knowledge. Many of the adults that stopped at our booth were very interested in what we did but wished we did things closer to Reno.

Photo caption: Americorps Member Noah Clymens standing in front of the NOS booth.



January 12th, 2024
Elko Snowshoe Hike 

Nevada Outdoor School members Meghan, Kaneisha, and Noah set out on the brisk morning of January 12th, buzzing with excitement for the first snowshoe hike of the new year! 10 members of the community met NOS members in Lamoille Canyon. One participant had even traveled from Winnemucca to join the hike! Originally, the group was going to meet at the Powerhouse Picnic Area and hike the Talbot Trail from there. However, the amount of snowfall in the days leading up to the hike had caused the roadway into the canyon to become too dangerous to drive. Instead, everyone met at the Ruby Dome Ranch entrance. NOS brought snowshoes along for anybody who needed them, but many participants had brought their own!  Once everyone was geared up and ready to go, the group began their trek into the canyon. At the end of the group, Noah and Kaneisha kept their eyes on participants at all times, making sure no one was left behind. Strong winds blew sharp snowflakes into the air, and a biting cold nipped at any uncovered skin. Although the winds made hiking more of a challenge, the group stopped for plenty of breaks. Some of the hills in the canyon provided good cover from the wind too! The group eventually made it down into the Lamoille Power House Picnic Area, which was packed with snow.  Elko Daily Free Press reporter, Lydia Snow, was among the participants, and everyone snowshoed onto the bridge to snap a group photo for the newspaper. A few of the participants trekked around the area to take a look at the scenery, and snap a few photos to preserve the memory of the experience. Even though NOS wasn’t able to provide the typical s’mores and hot chocolate experience that they typically implement into their programs, participants thoroughly enjoyed the hike!

Photo: Participants and AmeriCorps members pose for a picture before the snowshoe hike. 

January 2, 2024
Winnemucca Bird Feeder Workshop 

On January 2, AmeriCorps members William Neff and Sedric Zimmerman and Winnemucca Program Coordinator Maclyn Crnkovich celebrated the new year by hosting an eco-friendly do-it-yourself bird feeder workshop. The workshop was held at the Winnemucca City Park and there were 12 participants. The main objective of the workshop was to create a way to feed wild birds in the winter that is both friendly for the environment and birds. The way we accomplished this was by collecting pine cones around the city, rolling them in peanut butter, and coating them with a wild bird safe feed mix. We used jute twine, which is biodegradable, to hang them. The participants loved the activity and their parents were happy with the outcome and social interaction.

Photo: AmeriCorps member William Neff helping participants thread a pinecone on to a piece of rope for their birdfeeder.  




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