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January 19th
Virtual Leave No Trace Trivia Night!

It is true! When you teach something you REALLY learn it...we demonstrated our Leave No Trace knowledge at the virtual Leave No Trace Trivia Night by earning second place among 35 teams! Naturalist Macy and NOS Staffer's Meghan and Brandolyn represented! We are thankful for our Master Educators Allana and Jessie for teaching us everything we know!




January 22nd
Winter Picnic - Elko

On Saturday, January 22nd our Elko Office partnered with Friends of the Ruby Mountains, Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group, US Forest Service and Nevada State Parks to host a Winter Picnic! Participants packed a lunch and joined us for different Leave No Trace games and a station by NDOW with different animal skins and skulls! Participants also had the option to make hot chocolate and S'mores after lunch! It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for a picnic!


January 17th
Water Canyon Snowshoe Hike - Winnemucca

On Martin Luther King Day, January 17th, a day we should be celebrating coming together we did just that as a community! On a hike to the Overlook, the first hurdle was the gate being closed so we hiked from the gate and made the turn to the overlook through iced over snow. After getting to the top of the overlook the hike down was easy and at the end everyone had some hot cocoa to warm up their hands.





January 13th-15th
Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience

From January 13th to January 15th our two Program Coordinators volunteered to help with the Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience in Reno during Sheep Week! During this youth-focused event, participants visited different booths that offered hands on stations. Stations included: duck calling, rock climbing, kayaking, fly tying, nature crafts, archery stations, pellet gun ranges, Leave No Trace and so much more! Nevada Outdoor School set up a wheel of Leave No Trace where participants could answer responsible outdoor recreation related questions to win a prize. We also had Leave No Trace hang tags to decorate and use while recreating outdoors! Over the weekend we had over 600 youth and families stop by our booth!




January 7th
Knot Tying Outdoor Skills Training - Winnemucca

On Friday January 7th, Nevada Outdoor School held a knot tying class for the public where participants learned knots that can be applied in almost any situation like bowline, two half hitches, and a slip barrel knot. Everyone left knowing what they can do with simple rope and even had a take home sheet for more knots to learn!






January 5th
Community Cubbies - Winnemucca

On Wednesday January 5th, AmeriCorps member, Johnny, met up with the Community Cubbies to teach about survival and what to do when they get lost in any environment whether it be desert, mountains, forest, or even cities using the S.T.O.P. acronym. S.T.O.P. can be broken down in to stop, think, observe, and plan. The kids had fun playing outside with a variation of red light green light with many of them slipping in the snow and laughing about it. Afterwards, they were taught to find north and landmarks using various methods, then how to properly plan a safe hike or trip by learning the 10 essential items for any outdoor excursion! Over all the kids learned valuable life skills that could save their lives if they were ever in that kind of situation.



October - December 2021
Community Cubbies - Winnemucca

Once a month, Nevada Outdoor School co-hosts the Community Cubbies in partnership with the Lions Club, Humboldt Museum, Humboldt County Library, and the Community Garden to offer programming for kids. This quarter, the cubbies had a blast playing get to know you games, learning about webs and spiders which involved information about food chains, and spiders roles in the food chain for it to function properly. In December, they learned how to navigate and the proper use of a compass. They learned about the bearing system along with the different parts of the compass. After completing a scavenger hunt they got treated with hot cocoa and a book As The Crow Flies which is a wonderful little book about maps and navigation and how the world needs this skill.


December 2021
Nature After School - Winnemucca

The students learned survival skills that are essential for safely exploring the natural world. From shelter and fire making to finding north with various skills and SOS systems and signals. The students had fun learning how to tell with just your hand how much time is left in the day or finding north with an analog watch. The students walked away with visible confidence in themselves that they could survive if they got lost.





December 2021
Nature After School - Elko

In Elko we have been continuing our Nature After School Program. December's theme was Survival. Our Nature After School programs provide K-5th graders experiences to deepen connections in nature and have fun! During the month of December students learned the steps that should be taken if they get lost and a variety of different ways to find North. We hope to see you in January for our Natural Resources programming!



November/December 2021
4th Grade Emigrant Trails Lessons - Winnemucca

During November and December, we provided a 4th-grade Emigrant Trails lesson! During this lesson, students got to travel back in time and relive the hardships and good fortunes of American emigrants on their travels west along the emigrant trails. It was fun watching the kids learn that it would take over 150 days to travel from Missouri to California and that many different things can happen along the way and add even more days. They would also find out that not everyone would make it all the way to California... We helped over 100 4th graders travel back in time with this interactive lesson!



November/December 2021
4th Grade Emigrant Trails Lessons - Elko

With the end of December we have wrapped up another two months of Nature in My World Outdoor Lessons! During November and December we saw over 80 fourth grade students! Students learned all about the Emigrant Trails through an interactive lesson. Students realized the importance of their choices and how their actions can have big impacts. Students discussed the importance of journaling and even practiced for themselves. We look forward to working more with our fourth grade students!




December 22nd
Snowshoe Hike - Elko

On Wednesday, December 22nd our Elko office hosted a Snowshoe Hike in Lamoille Canyon. Although there wasn't quite enough snow for snowshoes, they still hosted a snowy hike up the canyon on the Talbot trail. Over 40 people showed up for the adventure! After the hike everyone got to warm up with some hot chocolate and tea!. Thank you to everyone who came out and hike with us! We hope to see you at our future events.



December 21st
Winter Solstice Hike - Winnemucca

On December 21 NOS held a Winter Solstice Hike. For the shortest day of the year, we met at the last bathroom up Water Canyon. All 12 of us started our journey hiking 1.5 miles up to the yurt. Then hiked 1.5 miles back down to then enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate on this chilly day. It’s always nice getting new people outdoors to try new things and meet new people that have the same interest.





December 21st
Sagebrush Seed Collecting!

Our Elko office and AmeriCorps spent the morning of December 21st out collecting sage brush seed for NDOW's seed collecting event. Together they collected over 10 pounds of seed from the Spring Creek Campground and Shooting Range!


December 17th
Day of Service

On December 17th NOS AmeriCorps Members participated in their annual Day of Service at Frontier Community Actions Agency by helping make Holiday Baskets and distributing them to our local community members in need. It was a great day serving and giving back to the community!



December 15th
Winter Survival Training - Elko

On Wednesday December 15th, we held a Winter Survival Skill Training in Elko. Participants joined us at the Peace Park for an evening of learning about winter survival skills. This included shelter building, different types of fires and their uses, how to find and collect water, and what to do if you are stranded in your car in the winter. Participants also warmed up with some hot chocolate and left with some more survival skills!






December 1st-4th
Elko Festival of Trees

On Tuesday, November 30th, our Elko office set up their tree for the 31st annual Festival of Trees! The theme this year was "My Favorite Things." Here at NOS we love camping and all things outdoors so we made an outdoor camping themed tree. Most of the ornaments on the tree were hand made by the Elko office! Viewing and bidding of the trees was open from December 1st through the 4th.



November 2021
Nature After School - Elko

In Elko we completed our second month of Nature After School programming in November with the theme of "Maps & Guides." Our Nature After School programs provide K-5th graders experiences to deepen connections in nature and have fun! During the month of November, students had the opportunity to learn basic navigational skills with a compass. Students also learned how navigational instruments and skills are used in daily life.


November 26th
Winnemucca Festival of Trees

On November 26th NOS participated in the Festival of Trees in Winnemucca. We decorated and donated a tree to the Lions Club for their annual fundraiser. It's always fun getting out to support our partner organizations.




November 20th
Elko Full Moonn Hike

On Saturday, November 20th our Elko office hosted a full moon hike! The hike took place at the Southfork Meadows and there were two distances available for participants. There was a 1 mile hike and a 3 mile hike available! After the hike participants were greeted to a campfire and hot chocolate. We had an amazing turn out with over 60 participants! We can't wait to see you at our next event!


November 17th
Evening Hike in Water Canyon - Winnemucca

On Wednesday November 17th, the Winnemucca NOS Americorps Members hosted an evening night hike up Water Canyon. We had 10 participants join us for this 1.5 mile, hour long hike. When we got to the overlook, the sun was about to set. Everyone got to spend the evening outdoors meeting new people and seeing new things. After the hike, everyone enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate to end the event.  Thank you to everyone who came out and hiked with us!





November 15th
Winter Survival Skills Training - Winnemucca

On Monday November 15th, we held a Winter Survival Skill Training in Winnemucca. 25 participants joined us at Vesco Park to learn about shelter and fire building. The kids had a great time working in groups making a variety of shelters. They also practiced starting a fire with a striker and learned how to make 3 different fires, two for cooking and one for long-lasting fires. It’s always good to learn about shelter and fire building because you never know when it will be handy. Everyone had a blast and got to go home knowing something new. We hope to see you at our next outdoor skills training in December which is First Aid Kits!

November 12th
1st Aid Kits - Outdoor Skills Training Program (Elko)

On November 12th our Elko office held a First Aid Kit event at the Peace Park. Attendees brought their own first aid kits for review to be sure they had all the essentials. Participants also split into two teams to play some first aid baseball! The two teams also had a first aid scavenger hunt to complete. We finished off the night with some hot chocolate!





October 2021
Elko Nature in My World 1st Grade Classroom Lessons and Field Experiences!

With the end of October we have wrapped up our first month of Nature In My World classroom lessons and field experiences for 1st grade! During the one hour classroom lesson students explored how the seasons change throughout the year. During the two hour field experience students went on a nature walk around their school to explore the signs of fall. In October, we visited seven 1st grade classrooms for a total of over 140 students in Elko County!


October 18th, 20th, 26th and 28th
Elko Nature After School Programs

In Elko we kicked off our Nature After School programming in October with a "Webs" theme. Our Nature After School programs provide K-5th graders experiences to deepen connections in nature and have fun! During the month of October, participants had the opportunity to learn all about different spiders native to Nevada. The different types of webs used by spiders, the food chain of spiders and the importance of their role in nature. We hope to see you at our future Nature After School programs!



October 2021
1st Grade Nature in My World - Winnemucca

This month's Nature In My World (NIMW) was to bring knowledge of the seasons to students within the first grade. The students learned what they should wear during the different seasons as well as the changes that occur during the seasons. They read the leaves poem and played a game to see how squirrels have to store nuts for the winter. After that it was sorting their fall bags to find what kind of "signs of fall" they found during their nature walk! We reached over 75 first graders during this month!



October 2021
Nature After School - Winnemucca

During October Nature After School, the students were taught about webs, spiders, and food chains in general. The hour and one half hour went into the depths of how spiders play as a keystone species throughout the world. The lesson started with the book “I’m trying to love spiders” by Bethany Barton. The games that the students played were sort the food chain played with cups and string, insect catchers which you would build a web and throw bugs at the web and show them how breaking a web is like breaking their own home. But the students absolute favorite game was spider tag, this tag would have three spiders and one bird and the rest of the students where grasshoppers to show a food chain.


October 30th
Winnemucca Business Trick or Treat

On the day of October 30th, 2021, Nevada Outdoor School partnered once again this year with The Front Porch to participate in Business Trick or Treat. We set up an outreach table with upcoming programs and events, offered a spider craft for everyone, and of course passed out candy for trick or treaters of all ages. This allowed us to get in touch with the community at large as they enjoyed their day. We can't wait to see everyone at one of our upcoming events!





October 25th
Trunk R Treat - Elko

We had a blast here in Elko during the Parks and Recs 4th annual Trunk R Treat! We decorated our trunk as a bat cave and gave out tons of candy to participants in some amazing costumes! We had a spooky good time and got to see lots of familiar faces. We can't wait to see you at our future events!

October 22nd
Book Fair and Craft Night - Elko

On October 22nd our Elko office partnered with the local library to host a craft night during their annual book fair! Participants became plant parents by creating a mini chia pet. They decorated and designed their own cups and then planted chia seeds. We also explored the parts of plants and identified the needs of plants. At the same time the library was hosting their book fair and many participants also got go home with some new reading materials!

October 15th
Paracord Bracelets Outdoor Skills Training - Winnemucca

On Friday, October 15, NOS held its first outdoor skill here in Winnemucca. We had 13 kids and their parents join us in making paracord survival bracelets! They got to learn how to make a paracord bracelet and how they could use it for survival. The kids had a great time learning the many different ways they can use their paracord bracelets from catching a fish to starting a fire. They got to go home with lots of knowledge and we hope to see them again at our next outdoor skill event in November which is Winter Survival.

October 8th
Shelter and 'Smore Outdoor Skills Training - Elko

On October 8th our Elko office held it's first Outdoor Skill Building event! We had a great turn out despite some rainy weather! Participants learned all about the 10 essentials when recreating outdoors, building shelters and fire safety! Everyone put their skills to the test while building different shelters. We ended the night with some hot chocolate and building a fire to make some S'mores! We hope to see everyone at our next event in November: First Aid Kits!

September 25th
National Public Lands Day

Nevada Outdoor School partnered with the Bureau of Land Management, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, and Friends of Black Rock-High Rock for the annual National Public Lands Day service projects at Soldier Meadows. We had a very successful weekend with everyone completing 4+ projects! Our team aided in the cabin clean-up event; this included painting the cabin and picnic tables, deep cleaning the cabin, and picking up trash. Additionally, many volunteers stayed to complete an additional fencing project that had been postponed earlier in the year with Friends of Nevada Wilderness. We were pleased to be back together again for the 2021 Desert Dace Day! This is important not only to our organization but all the partners as we continue to beautify our public lands so we can all enjoy them for generations to come by recreating responsibly!






September 11th
13th Annual Buckaroo Dutch Oven Cook-Off Fundraiser!

On September 11, we held our 13th Annual Buckaroo Dutch Oven Cook Off at Vesco Park in Winnemucca, sponsored by Rackley Auto. After last year’s virtual event, it was wonderful to be back in person! Fifteen teams competed in four categories: Youth (under 16, any dish), Chuck Wagon (main dish), Bean Master (main dish and a dessert), and International Dutch Oven Society (main dish, bread, and dessert). Winners received a cast iron trivet, cash, and bragging rights. First place in the Youth category went to Team Mario Brothers made up of Kayden Yowell and Kyler Enochson. Second place went to the Spice Sistas, led by Ashley Rookstool and Catherine Welsh. In the Chuck Wagon category, Team Voodoos Vidles led by Pedro Castro came in first place. Second place went to Dos Hombres Blancos with cooks Mike Erquiaga and Mitch Weber. Third place went to Savannah and Emily Roman on Team Gone Fishing. In the Bean Master Category, first place went to Team Country Calf-A, led by Gene and Chrissy Hunt. Second place was earned by Michael McCampbell and Charlie Beringer for His Watchman Christian Motorcycle Club. Third place went to Team Silver Sage Grange consisting of Jacklyn Orr and Jessica and Jacquelyn Sibbert. In the IDOS category, first place went to the Rose Creek Duo made up by Betty and Dan Rodgers. Second place went to Dutch Oven Deb Basquez & Her Dude, Brett. Third place went to Team Sonoma Safety led by Bob Lage. Finally, the coveted People’s Choice Trophy went to Team Hot Pots, Jared Kifer and Alicia Bengochea.





August 9th-13th
Great Basin Excursion

Campers observed the Perseids meteor shower in some of the darkest skies in the world while on expedition to the Great Basin National Park about 70 miles from Ely, Nevada! Not only did we study astronomy, we trekked through Lehman Cave, hiked around, and viewed wildlife while learning about and implementing the Leave No Trace Principles. Six Campers attended the five-day, four-night camping trip. Camper’s loved stargazing, caving, and constructing gnome homes.




August 2nd-5th
Lassen Volcano Camp

From August 2nd-5th, NOS held Lassen Volcano Camp at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Mineral, CA. This year we had 23 campers! Camp was filled with lots of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, star gazing, and park ranger programs! The kids also got to show off their Leave No Trace knowledge by practicing the Seven Principles throughout their time at the park. We love to get kids outdoors to explore and learn new things! Campers learned about the four different types of volcanoes at Lassen as well as the history of how Lassen came to be a National Park. Finally, the kids participated in a stewardship project picking up micro trash throughout our campground. Together we collected over 1,000 pieces of trash and micro trash! Lassen Volcano Camp is offered by Lassen Park Foundation to provide grants to underserved youth groups to experience and preserve the natural resources of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Thank you Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Lassen Park Foundation for this amazing opportunity!




Summer 2021
Elko Adventure Camps

NOS Campers had many adventures this summer exploring Lamoille Canyon, South Fork, and Ruby Valley in Elko County! This year, we had three Adventure Camps in Elko for youth ages 8-10. In total, we were able to provide 40 campers with new experiences and skills that are useful in town or in the wilderness! We spent two days in a local park playing games, discovering Leave No Trace, and understanding compass and map reading. Campers were fortunate enough to visit the Northeastern Nevada Museum! We were fascinated to learn more about the Spring Creek Mastodon or the Pony Express, craft, and tour the museum. For the remainder of the week, we spent our time camping! We camped for one night, then we packed up the next day and went swimming.





July 27th-30th
Winnemucca Trailblazers Camp #2

From July 27-30, Nevada Outdoor School partnered with Humboldt County 4-H to hold our second Trailblazers Camp of the summer. Throughout the week, campers learned about Leave No Trace principles through discussion and practice, and learned helpful outdoor skills. A few of the activities included identifying animal tracks, learning hiking skills, and participating in a service project at the Winnemucca Community Pond and Bakarra Basque Bistro. On the final day of camp, campers traveled to Water Canyon where they hiked to the yurt and spent the day looking for macroinvertebrates in the creek and learning about fire ecology. We had a fun week teaching campers new outdoor skills and inspiring them to explore and care for their local outdoor recreation areas.


July 26th-29th
Elko Pathfinders Camp #2

Campers were able to expand their knowledge of nature and self during our two-night camp out, Pathfinders camp. At the end of July, 16 campers from ages 11-13 in Elko County joined us for a week filled with laughs, memories, and natural exploration. We traversed Lamoille Canyon, then camped in Ruby Valley. Campers participated in activities from DIY Boat Building to a Cheese Ball Showdown!

July 24th
Youth Trap Shoot

On Saturday, July 24, Nevada Outdoor School held its first annual trap shoot tournament for
youth ages 7-17. Thanks to a generous donation from the Chukar Chasers Foundation, this
event was free to all youth participants who were provided with a sweet hat, shells, safety
glasses, earplugs and NOS water bottles and sunglasses.
Nineteen youth participated in the event, with categories for ages 7-10, 11-13, and 14-17.
Trophies were awarded to the top three participants in each category. In the 7-10 age group,
the winners were – 1st – Jonathan Gildone, 2nd – Ian Allen, 3rd – Benjamin Bryant. In the 11-13 age group, the winners were – 1st – Txema Bengochea, 2nd – Maddox Lage, 3rd – Kira Wiley. In the 14-17 age group, the winners were – 1st - Christopher Gildone, 2nd – Tim Allen, 3rd – Lennox Zebroski.
HCSO Captain Sean Wilkin, NDOW Game Warden Zach Bowman, Damon Booth from the
Chukar Chasers Foundation, and the crew from the Winnemucca Trap Club shared firearm
safety skills, hunting rules and regulations, hunting ethics, and shooting techniques.
A Remington 770 243 Caliber Rifle with Scope was also donated by Jaylen Hinkle and raffled off to lucky participant - Judah Bryant!
We had a great turnout for our first event like this and were thrilled with the genuine interest the youth showed in learning a new outdoor recreation sport and how to safely handle shotguns.




July 19th-22nd
Backroad Explorers Camp

From July 19th- July 22nd Nevada Outdoor School held a Backroad Explorers Camp for ages 14-17 years old. The camp was held at the Virgin Valley Campground in Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. The kids got to learn and test their knowledge on Leave No Trace with fun games and activities. They also got to go on a fairly challenging 2-mile hike up Thousand Creek Gorge. During this hike, the campers got to see many different plants and wildlife the refuge has to offer. After the hike, we drove up to the top of the Gorge to enjoy our lunch with the view of the Gorge below us. The next day we got to go explore the refuge by checking out the Kinney Camp. The campers got to learn a lot about the land and how the old homesteads ended up there. On the last day, the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Service Manager, Rebecca, got to stop by and talk to the campers about how Sheldon came to be and went over the Leave No Trace principles that they try to get all visitors to follow. Although it was smoky due to the wildfires we still got to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and explore a new place!



July 13th-16th
Winnemucca Adventure Camp (week 2)

During the week of July 13-16, we held our second Adventure Camp for youth participants ages 8-10. Throughout the week, campers learned how to work together and make new friends through teambuilding activities, made camp crafts, and learned how to be better stewards of the outdoors through Leave No Trace discussions and activities.
On the third day of camp, campers spent the day exploring Water Canyon and had an overnight campout where they learned how to set up camp, fed ranch animals, and had an evening program with songs and stories.
Adventure Camp is the first summer camp and overnight campout experience for many of our participants, and we are happy to provide them with the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and be inspired to explore and care for the outdoors.

July 10th
Color Hike

While we passed and examined tons of wildflowers, there is only a sole wild violet plant barely visable in this group photo of the participants of the Color Hike on the trail to Lamoille Lake on July 10th. We were joined by Gerry Miller (far right) who is a local expert and shared his knowledge in a fun and memorable way.




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