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August 9th-13th
Great Basin Excursion

Campers observed the Perseids meteor shower in some of the darkest skies in the world while on expedition to the Great Basin National Park about 70 miles from Ely, Nevada! Not only did we study astronomy, we trekked through Lehman Cave, hiked around, and viewed wildlife while learning about and implementing the Leave No Trace Principles. Six Campers attended the five-day, four-night camping trip. Camper’s loved stargazing, caving, and constructing gnome homes.




August 2nd-5th
Lassen Volcano Camp

From August 2nd-5th, NOS held Lassen Volcano Camp at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Mineral, CA. This year we had 23 campers! Camp was filled with lots of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, star gazing, and park ranger programs! The kids also got to show off their Leave No Trace knowledge by practicing the Seven Principles throughout their time at the park. We love to get kids outdoors to explore and learn new things! Campers learned about the four different types of volcanoes at Lassen as well as the history of how Lassen came to be a National Park. Finally, the kids participated in a stewardship project picking up micro trash throughout our campground. Together we collected over 1,000 pieces of trash and micro trash! Lassen Volcano Camp is offered by Lassen Park Foundation to provide grants to underserved youth groups to experience and preserve the natural resources of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Thank you Lassen Volcanic National Park and the Lassen Park Foundation for this amazing opportunity!




Summer 2021
Elko Adventure Camps

NOS Campers had many adventures this summer exploring Lamoille Canyon, South Fork, and Ruby Valley in Elko County! This year, we had three Adventure Camps in Elko for youth ages 8-10. In total, we were able to provide 40 campers with new experiences and skills that are useful in town or in the wilderness! We spent two days in a local park playing games, discovering Leave No Trace, and understanding compass and map reading. Campers were fortunate enough to visit the Northeastern Nevada Museum! We were fascinated to learn more about the Spring Creek Mastodon or the Pony Express, craft, and tour the museum. For the remainder of the week, we spent our time camping! We camped for one night, then we packed up the next day and went swimming.





July 27th-30th
Winnemucca Trailblazers Camp #2

From July 27-30, Nevada Outdoor School partnered with Humboldt County 4-H to hold our second Trailblazers Camp of the summer. Throughout the week, campers learned about Leave No Trace principles through discussion and practice, and learned helpful outdoor skills. A few of the activities included identifying animal tracks, learning hiking skills, and participating in a service project at the Winnemucca Community Pond and Bakarra Basque Bistro. On the final day of camp, campers traveled to Water Canyon where they hiked to the yurt and spent the day looking for macroinvertebrates in the creek and learning about fire ecology. We had a fun week teaching campers new outdoor skills and inspiring them to explore and care for their local outdoor recreation areas.


July 26th-29th
Elko Pathfinders Camp #2

Campers were able to expand their knowledge of nature and self during our two-night camp out, Pathfinders camp. At the end of July, 16 campers from ages 11-13 in Elko County joined us for a week filled with laughs, memories, and natural exploration. We traversed Lamoille Canyon, then camped in Ruby Valley. Campers participated in activities from DIY Boat Building to a Cheese Ball Showdown!

July 24th
Youth Trap Shoot

On Saturday, July 24, Nevada Outdoor School held its first annual trap shoot tournament for
youth ages 7-17. Thanks to a generous donation from the Chukar Chasers Foundation, this
event was free to all youth participants who were provided with a sweet hat, shells, safety
glasses, earplugs and NOS water bottles and sunglasses.
Nineteen youth participated in the event, with categories for ages 7-10, 11-13, and 14-17.
Trophies were awarded to the top three participants in each category. In the 7-10 age group,
the winners were – 1st – Jonathan Gildone, 2nd – Ian Allen, 3rd – Benjamin Bryant. In the 11-13 age group, the winners were – 1st – Txema Bengochea, 2nd – Maddox Lage, 3rd – Kira Wiley. In the 14-17 age group, the winners were – 1st - Christopher Gildone, 2nd – Tim Allen, 3rd – Lennox Zebroski.
HCSO Captain Sean Wilkin, NDOW Game Warden Zach Bowman, Damon Booth from the
Chukar Chasers Foundation, and the crew from the Winnemucca Trap Club shared firearm
safety skills, hunting rules and regulations, hunting ethics, and shooting techniques.
A Remington 770 243 Caliber Rifle with Scope was also donated by Jaylen Hinkle and raffled off to lucky participant - Judah Bryant!
We had a great turnout for our first event like this and were thrilled with the genuine interest the youth showed in learning a new outdoor recreation sport and how to safely handle shotguns.




July 19th-22nd
Backroad Explorers Camp

From July 19th- July 22nd Nevada Outdoor School held a Backroad Explorers Camp for ages 14-17 years old. The camp was held at the Virgin Valley Campground in Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. The kids got to learn and test their knowledge on Leave No Trace with fun games and activities. They also got to go on a fairly challenging 2-mile hike up Thousand Creek Gorge. During this hike, the campers got to see many different plants and wildlife the refuge has to offer. After the hike, we drove up to the top of the Gorge to enjoy our lunch with the view of the Gorge below us. The next day we got to go explore the refuge by checking out the Kinney Camp. The campers got to learn a lot about the land and how the old homesteads ended up there. On the last day, the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Service Manager, Rebecca, got to stop by and talk to the campers about how Sheldon came to be and went over the Leave No Trace principles that they try to get all visitors to follow. Although it was smoky due to the wildfires we still got to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and explore a new place!



July 13th-16th
Winnemucca Adventure Camp (week 2)

During the week of July 13-16, we held our second Adventure Camp for youth participants ages 8-10. Throughout the week, campers learned how to work together and make new friends through teambuilding activities, made camp crafts, and learned how to be better stewards of the outdoors through Leave No Trace discussions and activities.
On the third day of camp, campers spent the day exploring Water Canyon and had an overnight campout where they learned how to set up camp, fed ranch animals, and had an evening program with songs and stories.
Adventure Camp is the first summer camp and overnight campout experience for many of our participants, and we are happy to provide them with the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and be inspired to explore and care for the outdoors.

July 10th
Color Hike

While we passed and examined tons of wildflowers, there is only a sole wild violet plant barely visable in this group photo of the participants of the Color Hike on the trail to Lamoille Lake on July 10th. We were joined by Gerry Miller (far right) who is a local expert and shared his knowledge in a fun and memorable way.




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