Nature in My World


Nature in My World is a school-based program reaching over 4,000 underserved K-8th grade rural Nevada students across 6 counties (Pershing, Humboldt, Lander, Elko, Eureka and White Pine) with engaging outdoor learning experiences (OLEs) offered quarterly.

This cross-curricular experiential learning approach consists of age-appropriate nature-based OLEs. These OLEs explore the natural world and our connection to and interactions with the environment.

Through nature-based learning, students increase their “Time Spent Outdoors” (TSO), build their critical thinking and problem solving skills, and develop their own personal outdoor ethic.




Program Goal:

To foster over 10,000 hours of "Time Spent Outdoors" (TSO) for students while deepening their connection to, understanding of and respect for the natural world. 


Outdoor education and play time helps students become high-performance learners with skill sets that will be with them throughout their lives. And, outdoor education and play time help students perform measurably better on standardized tests. (Coyle, 2010)


How It Works

Throughout the school year, each grade level is offered at least 3 Outdoor Learning Experiences (OLEs) covering scientific and outdoor education themes. These OLEs range from 1 hour lessons on the school grounds up to half day field trips to local parks.
NOS’s Program Coordinators working out of our Winnemucca, Elko offices work with school districts and teachers to schedule OLEs throughout the school year. NOS AmeriCorps Outdoor Educators facilitate and deliver these programs at the schools and/or NOS designated field trip sites (Watershed Heroes).
NOS OLEs utilize place-based, cross-curricular and hands-on learning that is engaging and fun. Students get outside, actively explore and think critically about the natural world around them and their interactions with it. Spending time outdoors and exploring scientific concepts while analyzing actions and evaluating impacts deepens students’ connection to, understanding of and respect for the natural world. It builds and strengthens students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills while motivating and empowering them to be active stewards of their environment.



For more information about NOS's Nature in My World school-based programs or to sign-up for an OLE, please contact:

(Humboldt, Lander and Pershing Counties)

(Elko, Eureka and White Pine Counties)



Nevada Outdoor School inspires exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.

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